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HOW TO... New LandscapePro software lets you replace sky, change light source

New LandscapePro software lets you replace sky, change light source

The makers of PortraitPro have unveiled a new image editing software aimed at landscape photographers, LandscapePro.

LandscapePro software promises to “adapt to the features in your image”, allowing you to edit elements like skies and trees.

Among LandscapePro’s features a range of sky controls that allow you to replace a sky, change clouds, colour and even cast cloud shadows.

A re-lighting tool allows you to change the light source, temperature and even the time of day, and other controls have been designed to edit specific areas of an image.

Photographers can also tag areas such as sky and trees, grass, sand, building, rock or water and automatically select these areas for editing.

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LandscapePro also features a 3D depth estimation tool that simulates 3D objects in your scenes.

Distance controls let you highlight objects and add fog, while a range of presets apply automatic edits to elements like wet sand, stormy water, red sunsets and trees.

The LandscapePro Studio edition supports raw files and can be uses as a plugin for Photoshop, Lightroom or Elements.

The Studio edition also supports conversion between different colour spaces and costs £49.95, while the Standard edition, which doesn’t read raw and DNG formats, costs £29.95 (you’ll find a full list of the differences here). You can also claim an extra 10% off these launch prices when you use the code MAF289 at checkout.

Alternatively, you can download a free trial of LandscapePro.


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