News |New app lets you learn photography in virtual reality

New app lets you learn photography in virtual reality


Imagine a world where you were free to travel anywhere with your camera and shoot any subject – a world where animals sit patiently and wait for you to compose and where you have time to think about each image you take.

A new photo app called Magic Hour allows you to do just that.

Magic Hour drops you, the photographer, on to an exotic island which you are free to explore with your camera.

Your viewfinder is a screen that sits in front of you as you move around the island, and within it are direct controls for aperture, shutter speed and exposure compensation, among others.

As you adjust these controls you can observe the changes they have on your images.

Magic Hour aims to teach its users the tenets of manual photography, and its developers say they plan to roll out updates including challenges with progression, a virtual teacher, additional lenses and cameras with varying sensor sizes, as well as new worlds and exhibition spaces.

The Magic Hour app costs $3.50 and is available via Steam. Note: it requires a VR headset.


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