New GearEye app manages your equipment for each shoot

New GearEye app manages your equipment for each shoot

A new app called GearEye has launched on Kickstarter, which aims to organise and track your gear, sending you notifications to ensure you always have the equipment you need when you go on a shoot.

GearEye works by using small, battery-free RFID adhesive GearTags, which you place on your photographic equipment. These serve as tracking devices for your gear.

Once you’ve tagged all your equipment using the GearTags, then scan each tag via the app on your smartphone and name each item.

You can then organise your cameras, lenses and accessories into situational lists so that you can quickly grab the gear that you need for specific settings or shoots.

What’s more, GearEye claims to help you easily locate lost items and always know what’s with you in your camera bag.

There are Bluetooth trackers out there, but these can cost in the thousands depending on how much gear you have, and the batteries need replacing every six months or so.

Currently the GearEye standard pack (which includes the dongle or case that you place in your bag to communicate with your gear + 20 GearTags) is going for $129 on Kickstarter, but will retail for $199 when the product launches.


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