News |Metz announce the S500 LED Light

Metz announce the S500 LED Light

Metz S500 LED Light

LED illumination is becoming the lighting source of choice, and this latest Metz lamp is designed to be compact and powerful.

Measuring in at much the same size as a standard mobile phone; 130 x 65 x 9.3mm and weighing in at just 135g the lightweight flat design means that the S500 is ultraportable.

117 high-powered SMD LED’s produce the 1000 lumen illumination and these are bi-coloured with 60 white and 57 warm. This mix of LED’s enables colour temperatures from 3000-5500 kelvin.

Metz announce the S500 LED Light

At 1000 Lumen output with dimmer and temperature control the S500 is the perfect travel partner and features a standard 1/4-inch thread so it can be mounted on a standard tripod.

In the box alongside the lamp is a small hotshoe adapter, ensuring maximum flexibility.

Light quality is as ever important, and the lamp has high-quality CRI 96 LED lights. On the back of the lamp is a small OLED which displays the temperature, illumination, percentage and battery runtime.

There’s also a diffuser that can be easily mounted with the included silicon bands to create a softer lighting effect.

The Metz Mecalight S500 will go on sale for a SRP of £119.99 for more details check out

Metz announce the S500 LED Light
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Metz announce the S500 LED Light
Metz S500 LED Light has been announced with temperature and brightness control this compact solution is no bigger than a mobile phone but produces 1000lumen
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