News |Lawson lead singer, Andy Brown talks photography

Lawson lead singer, Andy Brown talks photography

Lawson lead singer, Andy Brown talks photography

Music was Andy Brown’s first love and career but it also introduced him to his second – photography. It was during the many promo shoots with his band, Lawson, that Andy started to take notice of how photographers arranged their lights and set-up their cameras. Before long, it became an obsession and he was watching lots of technique videos working out how to perfect his images.

Although Andy now does all the photography for Lawson, aided by his assistant, his real love is headshot photography and in particular the retouching.

In the video below, which was recorded via Zoom video conferencing, Andy talks about the move from in front of the camera to behind it. He explains the thinking behind some of his headshots, his lighting technique and takes us through his retouching process.

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Before and After

As you will have seen from the video, Andy makes a series of small edits to his image which add up to make subtle, natural-looking improvements.

You may also have noticed that Andy is a big fan of the Sony FE 85mm f1.4 G Master lens. That’s a classic focal length for portraits, giving a flattering perspective. The large aperture also enables very shallow depth of field for blurring the background.


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