News |Kingston Digital launches Canvas React Plus V60 SD Cards

Kingston Digital launches Canvas React Plus V60 SD Card

High-speed, high-capacity storage for professional photography

Canvas React Plus V60

Kingston Digital Europe Co LLP, has announced the release of the Canvas React Plus V60 SD memory card. This addition to the Canvas React family caters specifically to UHS-II photographers, offering remarkable speeds and capacities that promise to keep up the capture of digital images and video with the latest high-resolution cameras.

The Canvas React Plus V60 is designed to enhance camera performance, enabling seamless capture of fast-action shots and 4K Ultra HD videos. With write speeds of up to 150MB/s, it stands out for its ability to handle burst mode and continuous shooting, ensuring that photographers can capture clear, precise images without worrying about camera buffering. This leap in performance is crucial for producing 4K video at higher frames per second (fps), providing a smooth and efficient creative workflow.

One of the most compelling features of the Canvas React Plus V60 SD card is its storage capacity, which reaches up to 1TB. This breakthrough allows photographers to carry their entire digital portfolio on a single, compact card, eliminating the inconvenience of frequent card swaps during shoots. The availability of such generous storage is a boon for professionals and enthusiasts alike, offering the peace of mind and convenience essential for assignments and travel.

Oscar Escayola Kaloudis, Flash Business Manager at Kingston EMEA, emphasised the company’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of photographers and videographers. The introduction of the Canvas React Plus V60 SD card is a testament to Kingston’s dedication to providing high-quality, reliable storage solutions that cater to the demands of UHS-II users. By offering exceptional speed and generous storage capacity at an affordable price, Kingston continues to support the creative endeavours of photographers worldwide.

The Canvas React Plus V60 SD cards are available in capacities ranging from 128GB to 1TB, ensuring there’s a capacity and price that will meet the needs of all levels of photographers from beginners to pros. All of Kingston’s memory cards come with a lifetime warranty, free technical support, and the reliability Kingston is known for. With these cards, Kingston not only addresses the technical requirements of modern photography but also enhances the creative experience by ensuring that photographers can focus on their art, free from technical constraints.

For more details on the Canvas React Plus V60 SD card and to explore Kingston’s range of storage solutions, visit Kingston’s website.

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