Insta360 will boost the resolution of its Insta360 Pro’s still images to 15K with a new firmware update.

The Insta360 Pro is the company’s flagship 360 camera, aimed at professionals as its name suggests. The camera in its current form shoots 8K 360 video in 2D and 6K video in 3D, as well as 2D (7680 x 3840) or 3D (7680 x 7680) still images.

Insta360 has told 360 Rumors that it is working on a new Super Resolution mode that will increase the camera’s resolution in still images by 4 times.

This jump would give the Insta360 Pro a massive 118-megapixel resolution in 2D (15,360 x 7,680) or 236 megapixels in 3D (15,360 x 15,360).

This increase would bring the Insta360 Pro on par with the Panono, which currently holds the highest 2D resolution of all 360 cameras.

The Super Resolution mode will come via a firmware update within the next month, 360 Rumors reports. The company is also planning to add improvements to colour, sharpness and dynamic range, as well as reducing start-up time, with the update.

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