News |Insta360 ONE offers 6-axis stabilisation, raw capture, ’shoot first, point later’, priced $299

Insta360 ONE offers 6-axis stabilisation, raw capture, ’shoot first, point later’, priced $299

Insta360 ONE offers 6-axis stabilisation, raw capture, ’shoot first, point later’, priced $299

After a month of teasers, Insta360 has officially announced the Insta360 ONE – price tag $299 – a new 4K 360 camera with advanced stabilization and what the company is calling new FreeCapture technology.

The Insta360 ONE shoots 360 4K video at resolutions of 3840 x 1920 at 30fps, 2560 x 1280 at 60fps, and still 360 images at 24 megapixels (6912 x 3456).

Interestingly, the ONE can also support taking images in raw format and videos in Log format. Users also have manual control over the ISO, shutter speed, white balance and more.

FreeCapture technology

Insta360 has introduced a new technology called FreeCapture with the ONE which allows users to create standard 1080p videos from the 360 footage they shot on the ONE.

How it works is you record your 360 video on the ONE. Then connect the ONE to your smartphone, where FreeCapture will use your phone’s gyroscope to use your phone’s display as a viewfinder.

From here you can then navigate through your 360 video and effectively re-shoot it as a standard fixed-frame video.

Bullet Time mode

Another interesting feature of the Insta360 ONE is what we’ve now learned is the camera’s Bullet Time mode that had people scratching their heads from the company’s teaser videos.

In Bullet Time users can attach a selfie stick or piece of string and create videos where the ONE appears to orbit around you. As we saw in the teaser videos, you become the main subject of the video and the camera is perfectly concealed.

In Bullet Time mode, the Insta360 ONE can also capture up to 240fps slow-motion shots. The ONE shoots at a maximum of 120fps, it should be noted; the 240fps video is achieved algorithmically with the companion app (available for iOS with an Android version coming soon).

Insta360 is also releasing what it calls an ‘invisible selfie stick’ with bluetooth remote control to help users achieve this bullet-time effect as well as other “flying camera” shots. This will be sold separately, while a string attachment will be included in the box with the ONE.

Insta360 ONE Stabilization

Insta360 ONE Stabilization

The key to the Insta360 ONE’s Bullet Time mode is a new six-axis image stabilization with an onboard gyroscope.

The Insta360 ONE offers three modes of operation: standalone use, remote control via Bluetooth, and control via a direct connection to a smartphone’s charging port.

Other shooting options include an HDR mode and timelapse 360 video capability.


The Insta360 ONE also introduces a new SmartTrack feature that allows users automatically capture a 1080p fixed-frame video where the subject of their choice is always in the centre.

This means users can first capture everything, and then let the ONE give them a more standard-size video of their subject that is ready to share.

Insta360 ONE body design

Insta360 says the ONE is its most versatile camera yet, and this is thanks to its compact size and a built-in socket for standard 1/4“-20 screws, allowing you to mount it to tripods, bicycle helmets, cars, drone and more.

You can also buy a waterproof housing that allows you to take the ONE to depths of 30 metres.

Insta360 ONE Price & Release Date

  • $299.90
  • September 5, 2017

The Insta360 ONE price tag is $299.90 for a kit that includes the camera, a two-in-one case and camera stand, a MicroSD card, a Micro-USB cable, a lens cloth, and a string attachment to achieve the bullet-time effect.

The Insta360 ONE release date will be September 5 when first shipments will begin. The ONE is available to purchase now from Insta360’s website.

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