GoPro launches ‘important’ update for Fusion 360 camera

GoPro Fusion Settings menu

GoPro has issued firmware version 1.80 for the Fusion 360 camera, which it is calling an ‘important update.’

GoPro announced the firmware update in an email to Fusion owners, which brings a number of performance improvements, usability enhancements and resolves some bugs reported by users.

Among the new performance enhancements are

  • Corrected ISO setting for TLP 2 seconds and above
  • Improved TLV metadata

Fusion firmware 1.80 also brings better stability to the 360 camera while it updates, as well as updated LED behaviour.

We’ll be updating our Fusion in short order to see how it improves the overall performance of the camera. One update we’re desperately waiting for here is for the Android version of the GoPro app to support the Fusion on a wider number of devices.

Currently the Android app only supports the Fusion on the Google Pixel phones and recent Samsung Galaxy devices. If the GoPro app doesn’t support the Fusion on your phone, you’ll have to do a manual update of your Fusion to add the new firmware’s performance enhancement.

To help you along, here’s a tutorial on how to do a manual firmware update on the GoPro Fusion.

And click here to get the firmware.

In the meantime, our fingers are crossed that support for Huawei phones is coming soon…