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GoPro Hero5 Black unboxing video Review


I own a GoPro Hero4 Black and a GoPro Hero4 Session, and I’ve used them to shoot some of my cycling, skiing and surfing adventures. I love the small size of the Session and the fact that it doesn’t require a waterproof housing like the Hero4 Black needs to shoot in water.

But I also like the greater functionality of the Black along with the convenience of using it with the LCD Touch BacPac.

So when the GoPro Hero5 Black was announced at Photokina 2016, I was pretty sure that it was the action cam for me and I ordered one shortly after it went on sale.

Now the camera has arrived, I thought you might like to see what’s inside the box. I shot this video using my GoPro Hero4 Black out of its housing and using the internal audio recording.


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