News |Fujifilm’s Easy print Lite in-Store Printings

Fujifilm’s Easy print Lite in-Store Printing

Fujifilm's new compact printer, Easy Print Lite, gains interest at The Photography & Video Show 2024

Fujifilm's Easy print Lite in-Store Printing

Fujifilm stores are still a common sight on our high streets, and while many other photo development stores have struggled since the advent of digital, the Fujifilm stores have, for the most part, continued. The company has now launched their Easy Print Lite platform, which is an all-new addition to its Easy Print range, which we saw at The Photography & Video Show 2024. It’s a great move on Fujifilm’s part and helps to show their support for high street photography and bringing the art of printing your photos up to date.

The Easy Print Lite is a countertop variant of PHOTO by Fujifilm Kiosks, which had been manufactured for locations with limited space. Advances in print technology mean that while the new Kiosk is small with a compact design, that size is independent of quality and functionality. The news system enables photographers to print photos quickly and easily directly from their smartphones. The Kiosk works by utilizing a simple QR code connection, users can select images, specify print sizes and quantities, and get printing within minutes. Four print sizes are supported for printing which can be selected once you select your images.

USB connection to a FUJIFILM DE100-XD printer is also possible which means if the connection is difficult for you to access mobile internet or you have low data, then that shouldn’t be an issue. The printer’s size means that it can be discreetly placed behind the counter or somewhere convenient in the shop, cafe or store, enabling it to be located in almost any type of venue. This new system caters to the increase in demand for photo printing.

Fujifilm’s launch at The Photography & Video Show was met with excited feedback and Fujifilm reported producing over 7,500 prints over the four-day event.

The expansion of the Easy Print range follows a boost in in-store photo printing and this new product should help with the availability of photo printing to the public. The rise in printing popularity can be attributed to individuals’ desire to materialize digital memories and back away slightly from always seeing things on a digital screen.

“Over the last 12 months, we have seen just how popular photo printing has become and the feedback on our stand at The Photography Show backs this up. We have continued our commitment to developing quality technology that makes printing even more accessible, and we believe the Easy Print Lite achieves this goal.

“While our PHOTO by Fujifilm Kiosks has been incredibly popular, some retailers simply don’t have the floor space to accommodate the technology. The intuitive Easy Print Lite countertop screen is incredibly user-friendly. It can sit anywhere in the store, allowing retailers of any size to add instant photo printing to their services. We believe this will not only elevate the visitor experience but provide more opportunities for repeat custom, given the recent popularity of instant photo prints.”

For more information check out Fujifilm Official Website

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