New camera introduces colour effects and vignette control

Fujifilm Instax Mini 99

FUJIFILM has announced the release of the INSTAX MINI 99, an analogue instant camera that marries traditional INSTAX charm with innovative features for the modern photographer. Sporting a sleek matte black finish, the MINI 99 introduces a Colour Effect Dial, a Vignette Switch, enhanced brightness, and focus modes, aiming to maximize each photo’s potential while preserving the classic INSTAX look.

Shin Udono, Senior Vice President of Imaging Solutions at FUJIFILM Europe GmbH, emphasized the balance between maintaining the beloved INSTAX aesthetic and integrating new technological advancements to fuel creativity and artistic expression. He noted that the MINI 99 represents a significant step forward for both FUJIFILM and image creators.

At the heart of the MINI 99’s innovation is the Colour Effect Dial, which offers six colour effects: faded Green, Warm Tone, Light Blue, Soft Magenta, Sepia, and Light Leak. This feature allows photographers to infuse their instant photos with a unique, one-time effect, enhancing the creative possibilities. Complementing this is the Manual Vignette Switch, which enables users to frame their shots with an artistic, shaded border.

The camera’s functionality extends to its Brightness Control Dial, which provides five levels of exposure to match any lighting condition. Additionally, the MINI 99’s diverse Shooting Modes cater to various photographic environments and styles, from capturing fast-paced action in Sports Mode to creating layered imagery in Double Exposure Mode.

Focus is versatile with the Landscape, Standard, and Macro Modes, each suited for different subjects and distances. The self-timer and adaptable flash modes further enhance the camera’s utility, making group photos and varied lighting conditions manageable. The ergonomic Base Grip with Tripod Mount ensures stability and ease of use during shoots.

Accompanying the camera’s launch is the INSTAX MINI PHOTO SLIDE film, inspired by classic film mount motifs, offering a perfect match for the MINI 99’s print style. Additionally, FUJIFILM has updated its INSTAX UP! Smartphone App, introducing an album feature for easier organization and management of digital INSTAX photos.

INSTAX MINI 99 price and availability

The INSTAX MINI 99 is set to hit the market on 4th April 2024, priced at £174.99. Alongside, the INSTAX MINI PHOTO SLIDE film will be available, priced at £8.99 per pack. Accessories, including a black camera case and album, are also slated for release, enhancing the INSTAX experience. Available through authorized retailers and the FUJIFILM House of Photography in London, these products represent FUJIFILM’s ongoing commitment to innovation in instant photography.

For more information on Fujifilm’s INSTAX MINI 99, visit

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Fujifilm will also release an INSTAX MINI 99 black camera case at an SRP of £21.99 and an INSTAX MINI black album at an SRP of £11.99.

All products are available from authorised INSTAX retailers and the FUJIFILM House of Photography in London. Prices include VAT.

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