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HOW TO... Different ways to attach your GoPro Hero

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One of the major reasons that GoPro Hero and other action cameras have become so popular is that they are so easy to mount. Not only that, but their small size means that they can be mounted almost anywhere and there’s a huge variety of mounts out there for you to choose from.

If however you actually find something that doesn’t have a bespoke mount, then it’s often easy enough to either make your own or manipulate an existing mount to bend to your will.

Whatever mount you choose, and whatever you attach it to, the most important thing is to make sure it’s secure. An issue that you’ll find with many cheap third part mounts is that they just don’t have the build quality to hold a GoProsecurely without it vibrating or wobbling uncontrollably.

When you’ve fitted your mount, make sure that it is bolted down and is as rigid as possible. If you’re using a clamp style mount (such as the roll bar mount) use a small strip of rubber around the mount and bar to ensure that it is held firm.

When using the quick release clamp style of mounts (such as the Chesty) make sure the clip is in good condition and has no cracks. For added security you can lock the clip by using the rubber bungs usually supplied with the mount.

If you’re going into the sea or any other water then make sure case seal is in the right place, clean and stick on an orange float. It might not look great, but it can make the difference between swimming to retrieve your GoPro and loosing it for ever.

Finally if you’re mounting your action camera to a car or vehicle, attach a safety line, so if the suction pad gives out you have something else to save the camera.

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