Getting a GoPro Hero is just the start of your action camera adventure. Once you’ve got used to the basic operation then it’s time to start experimenting with mounts and accessories.

There’s a huge selection of accessories on the market that cover everything from bike mounts to drones, but here we’re going to look at some of the official GoPro accessories to get started with?

Awesome GoPro accessories to get you started on your action camera adventure

1/ GoPro Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount
2/ GoPro Suction cup
3/ GoPro Chesty mount
4/ GoPro Jaws: Flex Clamp
5/ GoPro Fetch

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GoPro Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount

GoPro accessories - Handle bar mountThis GoPro mount is one of the first that people go for. It’s simple design enables you to attach your GoPro to your bike handle bars or anywhere else you can fit it.

Mounting space on your bar’s is often limited, but if you do have a choice of where to position your GoPro Hero then try to clamp it down as near to the stem as possible.

Once in place make sure that all bolts are tight, but be careful not to over tighten. The most important bolt is the one that holds the GoPro in place, it’s a good idea to use a bolt wrench to make sure this is good and tight.
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GoPro Suction cup

GoPro accessories - GoPro suction cupThere are plenty of situations where the suction cup comes in handy.

Primarily designed to stick solidly onto surfaces the suction cup is ideal when you’re filming from the inside or exterior of a vehicle. Once attached give the mount a forceful tug just to see if it is solidly placed.

If mounted to the exterior of a vehicle I always tend to leash it just encase it does come loose, although it never has.
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GoPro Chesty mount

GoPro accessories - GoPro ChestyThe chest mount was one of the first systems widely available and is great for getting point of view shots.

When mounted the camera stays in the waterproof housing and will actually be upside down.

Depending on your preference you can either go into the settings and flip the video recording orientation or leave it for later and get it sorted when editing.
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GoPro Jaws: Flex Clamp

GoPro accessories - GoPro JAWSA real multi purpose clamp that you can use in all sorts of situations, from clamping onto a guitar during a gig to attaching to the front of a bodyboard.

The goose neck design enables you to quickly direct the GoPro in the direction that you need, and the clamp enables you to lock onto all sorts of surfaces.
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GoPro Fetch

GoPro accessories - GoPro FetchIt’s no fun GoProing on your own, so this ones for your canine friend.

The fetch is a simple harness that attaches to your dog and then has two separate mounting positions. One on the back and the other on the chest.

If you’re thinking of getting one make sure that you get your dog used to wearing the harness by starting it off around the house. Also watch the straps around the front legs for larger dogs to ensure that they’re not cutting in. Pip was trained from a puppy and is exceptionally proud of her fetch!

GoPro accessories - GoPro Fetch