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BlackRapid Double Breathe Review

BlackRapid Double Breathe - front

What is the BlackRapid Double Breathe?

The BlackRapid Double Breathe is a harness-like dual strap that enables you to carry two cameras, one on either side of your body. Like the BlackRapid Sport Breathe, the Double Breathe is attached via a screw thread in the cameras’ tripod mounts.

BlackRapid Double Breathe - front

Using the BlackRapid Double Breathe

The Double Breathe has two shoulder pads with 2.5cm wide, long webbing straps that hang down at your sides with the cameras at the lowest point of the loops. Chest and back straps keep the two halves of the Double Breathe together. The lower back strap is elasticated for comfort and the front has a snap fastening to makes the whole thing easy to put on and take off.

BlackRapid Double Breathe - back

Once the screw mounts have been fastened to the cameras’ tripod mounts they can be attached to the Double Breathe via the lockable carabineers. The carabineers have a threaded section that is turned to prevent them from opening as well as clip that stops the thread from unwinding. It’s a bit of a belt and braces thing.

The webbing strap length can be adjusted to suit tall photographers like the one in our images, as well as shorter shooters like me. Clips help keep any excess strap tidy and out of the way while ‘bumper’ buckles are available to keep the cameras from moving around on the straps while you’re walking between shoots.

BlackRapid Double Breathe catch

BlackRapid Double Breathe Performance

One apprehension I had about using the Double Breathe was that it would be a nightmare to put on, with a tangle of straps, clips and cameras bashing together like autumn conkers. Thankfully this was unfounded and it was pretty easy to handle so I didn’t get tangled-up once.

I found the Double Breathe really came into its own at a music festival when I was shooting with two different cameras with long lenses. With the camera bodies at hip-height, I could reach down and grab the one I wanted, then lower it and reach for the other whenever I wanted.

The cameras move smoothly up and down the webbing strap.

BlackRapid Sport Breathe - catch

BlackRapid Double Breathe Verdict

Once the Double Breathe is set-up to suit your build, it’s comfortable to wear and it’s a great way to carry two cameras ready for use. Naturally, as the cameras are attached via their tripod mounts, the Double Breathe isn’t ideal if you’re planning on using a tripod. However, if you’re shooting hand-held and want quick access to two cameras, it’s a great choice of strap.

Should I buy the BlackRapid Double Breathe?

Music, event and wedding photographers, or anyone who needs to carry and swap between two cameras throughout a shoot, will find the BlackRapid Double Breathe a useful addition to their kit. It makes carrying two heavy cameras comfortable and they feel secure on your shoulders.

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