Blackmagic updates Pocket Cinema Camera 4K with better audio, pixel remapping

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K review

Blackmagic Design has issued a firmware update for its Pocket Cinema Camera 4K that improves the camera’s battery life and audio recording, as well as introduces a new pixel remapping feature.

The new Blackmagic Cameras 6.1 firmware update promises to ‘significantly improve’ audio recording when using the Pocket Cinema Camera 4K’s built-in microphone. The updated processing now analyses the audio coming in from both microphones to lower the noise floor.

What’s more, the update reduces latency for audio monitoring, while audio and video synchronisation has been fine tuned.

Blackmagic Cameras 6.1 also introduces a new in-camera calibration tool that allows users to recalibrate pixels in-camera to adjust brightness variations. The feature effectively realigns the light output of each pixel, helping to creater cleaner images.

Autofocus is also improved, with Blackmagic promising faster and more responsive performance with less lens hunting.

Other new features include a tap and hold function for reformatting cards to help prevent accidental reformats, longer battery life, better AV sync performance and a new 2:1 monitoring frame.

Click here to download the new firmware update.