News |Become a high-wire daredevil with the Syrp Slingshot

Become a high-wire daredevil with the Syrp Slingshot

Syrp Slingshot

Hailing from New Zealand, the Syrp Genie is one of a new generation of products that pack in innovation, features and design. Now the original innovation of the Genie and Genie Mini has been extended with the release of the Syrp Slingshot.

The Slingshot is a strange wheeled-spider looking device that enables the Genie to cover huge distances by means of a suspended dual hire-wire.

The Slingshot’s cradle and wheel design sits on the dual cable system that can be attached quickly to a start and end point; such as trees or posts. Once connected, the Slingshot’s grooved wheels track along the cables with the Genie providing the time-lapse motion.

The Slingshot further extends the way the Genie and Genie Mini can be used, enabling motion control for time-lapse over distances of up to 330ft (100m) – far further than any other time-lapse motion system.

If you haven’t seen the Genie before then it’s essentially a programable motor and cable system that is used for motion control with stills or video photography. The powerful motor and tether essentially supply you with a variety of motion options for shooting smooth panning video or time-lapse sequences.

At it’s simplest, a camera can be attached to the top and the Syrp can be programmed to rotate around a set number of degrees over a set amount of time. Attach a cable and a slider and the Syrp will pull itself and the camera along the sliders length.

The Slingshot system is compatible with the full Genie line-up and to really make the most of the system you can couple a Genie and Genie Mini together to enable panning as well as tracking motion. This motion can be pushed even further by adding a second Genie Mini to enable full 3-axis motion control with tracking, panning and tilting.

The Slingshot is available as a complete kit with backpack and is on sale for £1150

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