HOW TO... Adobe unveils Creative Cloud 2017 with new updates to Photoshop

Adobe has announced its Photoshop and other Creative Cloud 2017 platform updates, which include in-app search, an enhanced Face-Aware liquify tool and a range of other improvements.

Making the announcement at its Adobe Max conference in San Diego, perhaps the  most significant improvement to Photoshop CC and the other Creative Cloud apps is a new in-app search functionality that allows users to search for tools, menus and presets.

The global search bar will also let users search for tutorials and help pages, as well as images from Adobe Stock.

Speaking of Adobe Stock, the firm’s nascent image service is getting a big update as the company moves its partnership with Reuters out of beta, opening up a huge library of photos and video across a range of subjects, including a lot of historical footage from the photo agency’s archive.

What’s more, Adobe Stock will incorporate a new visual search function, allowing users to click on different styles of images to create narrower, more tightly defined search results.

What’s more, Adobe says this visual search function is “coming soon” to Photoshop.

Beyond that, many of the new Photoshop CC updates appear to be a bit light, as in they don’t appear to offer anything that will drastically change your photo editing workflow.

For photographers, anyway. Many of the other updates appear aimed at designers and animators.

Adjustments to the Face-Aware Liquify tool let you make independent adjustments and preview them.

And Adobe has also released Photoshop Fix 1.0 and Photoshop Mix 2.3 on Android today (along with Photoshop Sketch 1.0 and Illustrator Draw 3.0 and Comp CC 1.0, all on Android).

Android users will now have access to key features in Photoshop Fix like Healing and Liquify. In Photoshop Mix 2.3 we are adding support for Android tablets.

Adobe released Photoshop Mix 2.6 and Photoshop Fix 1.6 on iOS, with new features including a Lasso tool that adds familiar Photoshop control to selections so you can circle areas you want to add/subtract when cutting out images; shape selection for those times you want a perfect circle, triangle, straight edge, rectangle or rounded rectangle; and the ability to import from Google Photos.

Finally, there appear to be no Lightroom updates at this time.

You can use the Creative Cloud desktop app to install all updates.


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