News |Adobe adds editorial images to Adobe Stock

Adobe adds editorial images to Adobe Stock

Adobe adds Editorial Images to Stock: REUTERS Image

Adobe announced Adobe Stock a couple of years ago to enable designers to get quick and easy access to high quality images. Today the company has announced a collection of upgrades to Adobe Stock including the addition of growing number of editorial images from Reuters.

The move means that in addition the standard stock images that tend to feature models shot in tightly controlled conditions Adobe Stock contains images of real people shot in real world situations. There are also images from events across the globe enabling coverage of current affairs through Adobe Stock. These additional images are made possible by an agreement with Reuters, USA Today Sports and Stocksy.

The partnership with Reuters means Adobe Stock users have access to an additional 12 million images and 26,000 hours (1 million clips) of video, with more coming all the time. Image prices started at $50, going up to $500 depending upon use.

USA Today Sports for Adobe Stock Editorial collection will be coming soon and will provide access to images from over 10,000 sporting events each year with 500,000 images per annum.

The exclusive partnership between Adobe and Stocksy enables the Adobe Stock Premium Collection to include a highly curated collection of royalty-free stock photography.

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Improved Image search

Finding the perfect image using a word-based search engine is a tedious business but Adobe Sensei is designed to make life easier with new Aesthetic Filters that will be added in the near future. These filters will be made available for Beta testing and will allow users to refine their search by applying filters such as aspect ratio, depth of field, vivid colour and the presence or absence of people.

These Aesthetic Filters complement Adobe’s Stock Visual Search that allows users to search for images by dragging a similar shot into the browser.

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Adobe Stock PowerPoint Integration

Adobe Stock already integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud Apps but it can now be used with Microsoft Office PowerPoint to allow more attractive presentations to be created.


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