News |Zenit to release full-frame mirrorless camera in 2018

Zenit to release full-frame mirrorless camera in 2018

Zenit to release full-frame mirrorless camera in 2018

Russian camera maker Zenit will release a new full-frame mirrorless camera in 2018, according to Russian media.

The Russian information agency RNS has reported that Zenit will continue its comeback with a modernised version of its old film cameras, along with new lenses.

The director of the plant where the new Zenit full-frame camera will be produced has stated in an interview with Russian media:

“We plan to revive the direction of production of digital photographic equipment and consider the option of industrial cooperation, since competence on the component base in the country is currently absent. We have a close cooperation project with one of the leading photographic equipment companies in order to create a joint product, where KMZ is involved in manufacturing infrastructure for the production of optics for these cameras. And electronics will be manufactured abroad, “said Sergeyev, adding that the device’s output on the market is planned for next year.

He noted that the company wants to preserve the traditional color and the peculiarity of the Zenit camera in its revived version and at the same time make the brand recognizable: “It will be modernized, but the characteristic contours, ergonomics, camera lines will be integrated into it.”

The device will be released in two color solutions: in dark and light. The camera will also be decorated with leather using high-quality finishing materials, “so that the camera has a decent perception in the market.”

“It will be a full-frame, mirrorless digital camera,” Sergeyev said.

However, Sergeyev also pointed out that Zenit’s full-frame camera won’t attempt to compete with other established brands in the photographic industry.

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