Reviews |Yohann Designer Wooden Stand for Macbook review

Yohann Designer Wooden Stand for Macbook review

Yohann Designer Wooden Stand for Macbook review

Snap verdict

The Yohann Designer Wooden Stand is one of the most beautiful and elegant laptop stands I’ve ever seen.

Crafted from a singular piece of wood the stand is available in either Walnut or Oak.

Aside from wood the only other material used is a thin rubber strip, this keeps the laptop secure and slip-free once in position.

So how does it work? Well, simply pop the front edge of the MacBook into the slot, roll it back and that’s it.

In use, the position of the screen is at eye level, and with a mouse and keyboard linked through BlueTooth, it’s just like using any other desktop computer, just with the addition of the MacBook keyboard in front of you.

The slim design means that it can be easily slipped inside your bag. If you want to leave it in place then close the MacBook lid and roll it forward for the slim profile storage position.

At work or at home, in use, it gives the laptop screen a perfect position for all day use. This position is far more comfortable than the usual laptop hunch.

The Yohann Designer Wooden stand is one most elegant solutions out there, it hugely expands the functionality of the laptop by positioning the screen in such a way that is pleasurable to use all day as a main or second display.

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For the Yohann Designer Wooden Stand

  • Elegant Design
  • Better viewing position
  • Lightweight and easy to transport

Against the Yohann Designer Wooden Stand

  • Very expensive

These days laptops have become so powerful you can essentially discard your old desktop.

But if you’re sat huddled over your MacBook all day then you’ll know that pain that the natural laptop bad seating posture will have. This is where the Yohann Designer Wooden Stand comes into play by elevating the screen to eye level.

However, if you already dock and connect your laptop to an external monitor, keyboard, mouse, tablet and control panel then the Yohann Designer Wooden Stand enables your MacBook screen to be used as a viable second monitor.

However, you choose to use the stand it will inevitably increase your efficiency and give you a better seating position to help you avoid the usual aches and pains of using a laptop for everyday work.


This is one of the shortest features lists of all time; the standard is designed to be used with MacBook’s 15 and 13-inch.

It’s made out of solid wood, either Walnut or Oak, and has a thin rubber strip to stop your MacBook slipping once in position, and that’s about it

The form of the stand is designed to elevate the screen from its usual position to a height that is more comfortable for everyday use. For the MacBook Pro 15-inch that sees the top of the monitor elevated from 25cm to 42cm.

Physically the stand weighs in at 297 grams, for the Walnut version and measures 157mm in width and 210mm in height, as a guide.

Now for the price: walnut version €179 and oak €159

Build Quality

Made from solid wood the stand is beautifully finished, you can instantly see the craftsmanship that has gone into its making.

Yohann Designer Wooden Stand for Macbook

Despite the seemingly simple design, the curves and lines have been carefully thought out so that when the MacBook is positioned it’s perfectly counterbalanced.

Despite being made of solid wood the standard isn’t overly weighty and doesn’t add a great deal of weight to a bag if you carry it around.

In use, the stand couldn’t be easier to set up, simply pop it on the table, then grab your MacBook.

With the laptop lid open pop the leading edge of the base into the slots on the stand and then roll the stands back so that it’s supporting the weight of the MacBook.

Then connect your keyboard and mouse and you’re ready to use as with any other computer.

If you’re using the MacBook as a secondary monitor, then plug into your dock, plug in the main display and get on with your days work as ever.

At the end the day or when you want to move on just on unhook the front of your MacBook from the slot and put stash the stand away, simple as that.




In use the stand really couldn’t be easier, it takes seconds to set-up and once the MacBook is positioned everything feels secure.

The wooden base is wide enough to offer a stable base for the MacBook and there’s absolutely no fear of the stand toppling over.

The design of the notch that holds the front of the laptop is deep enough to ensure that it provides a firm grasp of the laptop and keeps it in position.

Designed as a stand the Yohann Designer Wooden Stand hasn’t been designed for you to use the keyboard and trackpad once in position, rather you should connect an external keyboard and mouse.

I did give it a go and while you can type on the keyboard perfectly well the angle of the screen and keyboard isn’t quite right when you’re in the standing position.

Since the Yohann Designer Wooden Stand arrived I have been using it on a daily basis. Its ease of setup is a benefit, but it’s the comfort factor that really makes this a winner. No more laptop hunching.


The stand is essentially a cleverly designed block of wood that holds and elevates your MacBook.

As a MacBook stand it works exceptionally well. It’s easy to use, compact and, like your MacBook, you can take it literally anyway.

It’s lack of complexity just makes it straightforward and easy to use. Set-up takes a matter of seconds so there is never any excuse not to use it.

Position wise it places the monitor of the MacBook Pro 15-inch at a perfect height and makes using a laptop on a daily basis, with the keyboard and mouse, far more pleasurable.

Hand sculpted design, beautiful materials all give this product a premium look and feel and sure enough you will be paying extra for such an elegant design.

Is it worth it? I say definitely, this product doesn’t just enable you to stand your MacBook in a workable position for everyday use, it also expands the flexibility and truly transforms your laptop from a portable computer into a very viable desktop solution.

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