News |Yi, Google to develop VR 180 camera

Yi, Google to develop VR 180 camera

Yi, Google to develop VR 180 camera

Yi is working directly with Google Daydream on a new VR 180 camera, a new stereo 3D camera due to launch later this year, the company has announced.

No technical details, pricing or release date information has been revealed as yet, but Yi confirmed the partnership at VidCon 2017, an annual conference for online video creators and fans.

Yi says the new VR 180 camera will offer easy-to-use 3D videos and livestreams that can be uploaded directly to YouTube.

The new VR 180 camera will also be the latest addition to Yi’s growing range of VR cameras, including the live-streaming Yi 360 VR Camera and Yi Halo, which promises cinematic quality VR footage.

You can find a few more details at Yi’s pre-launch website for the VR 180 camera. You can click here to lear more about Google Daydream’s VR 180 program.

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