News |Gallery: wildlife photographers capture rare animals with Sony RX10 IIIs

Gallery: wildlife photographers capture rare animals with Sony RX10 III

Wildlife photographers capture rare animals with Sony RX10 III

Sony has teamed up with the International Union for Conservation of Nature and a handful of award-winningnature photographers to capture some of the mammals and birds on the IUCN’s ‘Red List’ of animals at high risk of extinction.

Sony provided UK photographer Sam Hobson, Finnish photographer Lassi Rautiainen, Spanish nature photographer Javier Alonso Huerta, Swiss wildlife photographer Markus P. Stähli and nature photographer Gustav Kiburg with its Sony RX10 III cameras to capture images of these rare animals in their natural environment.

The photographers used the RX10 III’s silent shutter and super-telephoto zoom capabilities to capture candid images of animals such as the European Bison and Atlantic Puffin.

The collaboration is part of Sony’s work with the European Outdoor Conservation Association, which funds grass-root conservation projects.

Catherine Savidge, General Manager, European Outdoor Conservation Association, said: “By capturing these images, we are able to share photography of these wondrous animals in their natural habitat with those who might never see them.

“In ten years, EOCA has raised over €2 million from the outdoor industry and spent 100% of it on projects conserving threatened species and habits in 41 different countries. Working with Sony enables us to highlight this vital conservation work to the public.”

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