News |Vimeo will now support 8K, 10-bit HDR video

Vimeo will now support 8K, 10-bit HDR video

Vimeo will now support 8K, 10-bit HDR video

Vimeo will now support 8K, 10-bit HDR videos, meaning users of the streaming platform can now post content containing more than 1 billion colours.

In Vimeo’s own words, this means that anyone who shoots or masters HDR footage can now upload those clips to its platform and present colours the human eye may not see, and eliminate the annoying colour banding phenomenon we often see on other platforms.

The update includes support across Apple’s latest devices — including the iPhone X, iPad Pro and Apple TV 4K – and in a veiled swipe at YouTube Vimeo says it’s the only streaming platform offering HDR content for these devices.

In an announcement on its blog, Vimeo said: “We can now unlock your 5K, 6K, and 8K videos for your fans to watch on their Ultra High Def devices, or you can download them for file sharing.

“While 8K displays are just starting to hit the market, this isn’t just about your viewers: if you shoot in 8K we want you to be able to sell, distribute, or submit to festivals in the best quality possible.”

With BT.2020 (or Rec.2020) support and wider color gamuts (WCG), your image will now represent over 75% of the color that the human eye can see. That’s a big change: most modern color gamuts in videos are limited to a 35% color range. But with BT.2020, we can truly depict your deepest reds, brightest greens, and darkest blacks like never before.

Color Me Intrigued – A Jaunt Through Color Technology in Video from Vittorio Giovara on Vimeo.

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