News |Venus Optics unveils Laowa Nanomorph Zoom lensess

Venus Optics unveils Laowa Nanomorph Zoom lenses

Venus Optics unveils Laowa Nanomorph Zoom lenses

Venus Optics has announced the Laowa Nanomorph Zoom, a new addition to its line of cine lenses in the form of a 28-55mm and a 50-100mm anamorphic zoom lens.

Designed for Super 35 sensor cameras, the new Laowa Nanomorph Zoom lenses offer a maximum aperture of T2.9 and each weigh approximately 1.5kg (3.31 lbs), making them fairly lightweight and portable. Venus Optics says the lenses aim to provide cinematographers with a versatile tool for creating dynamic zoom effects and capturing widescreen footage without sacrificing image quality or flexibility.

The company says its new Nanomorph Zoom lenses stand out for their superior image quality, offering minimal distortion and chromatic aberration, as well as smooth bokeh and flare effects to help enhance visual storytelling.

The Laowa Nanomorph Zoom lenses are also compatible with the 1.33X Front Adapter, which allows users to achieve a 2X anamorphic squeeze ratio.

Venus Optics will launch a crowdfunding campaign on 1 March that will give one lucky backer the chance to purchase a Nanomorph Zoom lens in Arri PL mount for only $1. Venus Optics has announced some further perks for up to 10 more early backers, offering discounts ranging from 5% to 30% for individual lenses or 2-lens sets. A special customized edition of the Nanomorph Zoom 2-lens set is also available at a 10% discount for fans and supporters of the brand.

The pre-launch page for the Nanomorph Zoom is currently live on Indiegogo, inviting interested parties to sign up and join the Nanomorph community. Early subscribers will be privy to updates about the campaign’s official launch and have access to exclusive early-bird offers.

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