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Veho Muvi K2Pro4K review

Veho Muvi 4K front angle

The Veho Muvi K2 Pro 4K is the latest update to the K2 series. Its industrial design is identical to the rest of the range, but the K2 Pro packs in high spec features and accessories; foremost of which are the 4K video capture and removable touch screen LCD.

Veho Muvi 4K FrontThe layout of the new camera is identical to the K2NPNG and the only way to tell the two apart is by the Pro marking on the front of the new model and NPNG marked on the back of the other.

As with the K2NPNG the Pro arrives with a good amount of accessories to get you started and these come packed inside the handy hard case. Unlike the K2NPNG and many other box style action cameras the Pro doesn’t come with an underwater housing, but this is available as an optional extra.

Inside the camera is where the real updates start to become apparent with 4K video resolution at 15 frames per second (fps) NTSC, or 12.5fps Pal. This resolution is joined by other headline resolutions 2.7K at 30fps, 1080p at 60fps and 720fps at 120fps as well as other resolutions and frame rates.

The new XA-9 Hercules chipset, is fronted by a small f/2.8 lens with a wide 100 degree field of view, this is actually pretty narrow for an action camera and compares with 140 degrees on the K2NPNG.

Veho Muvi 4K PortsAs well as standard video capture the camera also has the ability to shoot stills at 12 or 8 million pixel. All data is captured on MicroSD cards.

A G-Sensor features in the camera that enables the camera to automatically start recording when it detects a change in gravity.

Powering the K2 Pro 4K is the same 1500mAh battery as featured in the K2 NPNG and provides an impressive 3 hours of use.

The Veho Muvi K2 will appeal to those looking for a solid all round performer with the camera providing a good variety of screen resolutions and frames for most sports. The addition of a detachable live view touch screen means that for those new to action cameras navigating screens and composing shots is extremely easy.

Veho’s Muvi range of cameras has become known for their solid build quality and ease-of-use and the Pro model is no different. The design is almost identical to other K2 cameras with the industrial box style design similar to the GoPro, although the styling makes it look uniquely different.

Veho Muvi 4K front angleIt’s a compact box with a small front mounted lens. The two standard switch style buttons are a nice touch and visually separate the K2’s from other similarly designed cameras. These switches power the camera on and activate WiFi and are positioned directly next to the shutter button. There is no double use for these button so the function always stays the same and doesn’t differ depending on mode which is a very good thing.

The size of the camera is slightly larger than that of the GoPro cameras at 6cm x 4cm x 2.3cm, this larger size however is barely noticeable. As the camera doesn’t feature a waterproof housing the full weight of the camera with battery is just 84g with the battery and SD Card.

The low weight means that when you bolt the camera onto bars it’s easy to secure it well enough to avoid any wobble. In the box alongside other accessories is a black silicon case, which weighs next to nothing and can be quickly fitted to the camera in order to protect it from dust and rain.

The use of a physical switch button on the front for power means that there is no mystery as to the status of the camera and a small LED illuminates to let you know that you’re filming once the shutter button is pressed.

Veho Muvi 4K Back LCDIn the box is the small LCD screen that can be fitted to the back of the camera and simply clicks in place. This screen is touch sensitive, which makes finding and changing settings extremely easy. As with the rest of the camera this is of an excellent quality and is a great asset when you need to compose the shot and don’t want to connect through the app.

The Pro doesn’t come with the 100m waterproof housing but as the size and shape of the camera is identical to the K2 NPNG the same casing fits perfectly and can be purchased for £29.

Connectivity comes in the usual format of USB, HDMI and Wi-Fi all accessed through the side of the camera. Under the small rubber flap along side the contact sockets is the MicroSD card slot.

Initial impressions of the Veho Muvi 4K are good, it looks great and feels solid and well built with plenty of features, options and arrives with a good selection of accessories.

In the next part I’ll take a look at how easy the Veho Muvi 4k is to use out in the field.



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