Reviews |Veho Muvi K2Pro4K review in use

Veho Muvi K2Pro4K review in use

Veho Muvi K2Pro4K bike mounted at an angle

Veho Muvi 4K Back LCD OffThe Muvi K2 Pro 4K comes with the touch screen LCD which can be quickly attached and fixes in place securely. Although in most situations that screen is a huge benefit for navigating the settings, options and using for composition there are also times when you’ll want to remove it to save bulk and weight.

The detachable nature of the screen is a nice touch and means that the camera can be used in one of two way, with or without the screen.

Without the screen the camera is small and light weight and the app, available for iOS and Android, is a slick affair offering the usual Live View with the ability to adjust settings and review footage.

Connection to the app is easy enough and again the addition of a physical switch to activate the Wi-Fi means that you always know where you are. To connect to your device simply check the list of Wifi devices and select in order to make the connection.

The connection between the app and camera is robust and used outdoors provides a reliable signal up to a distance of around 30m, however Veho quote 60m. Using the camera and app you can see how this would be possible in the right conditions.

Without the app to start recording all you need to do is press the large shutter button on the front of the camera and the resolution and frame rate last set will be used for the video capture. Once the capture starts a small LED highlights that it is active.

Veho Muvi K2Pro4K touch screen navigationThe other way to use the camera is with the touch screen fitted and this simply clicks onto the back of the camera with a small quick release button that can be depressed if you want to remove it again.

Although small, the screen provides a decent live view and shows a bright clear interface that is easy to navigate after a couple of uses. The touch screen offers just enough resistance to avoid accidental settings changes and makes the process of changing modes and resolutions exceptionally easy.

The screen is a massive asset to the camera and enables those who are new to the concept of action cameras and filming with such a wide field of view a good idea of exactly what they are capturing.

As with all action cameras mounting is an important factor and with the Veho range the mount is similar but not the same as the common GoPro style. The small difference in size means that some existing GoPro Mounts can be used whilst others can not.

Veho Muvi K2Pro4K tripod mountedVeho’s approach to mounts is similar to that of the Garmin Virb XE with a small 1/4 –inch thread on the base. This means that you can attach the camera directly to a tripod without the need for an adapter.

Into this thread is screwed the mount adapter onto which further mounts can be fitted. Once this adapter is fitted it fits tight with no movement.

Veho offer a good selection of mounts in the box to help you get started and the cost of additional mounts is relatively cheap. The quality of the official Veho mounts is also exceptionally good with the bar mount that we used extensively enabling the camera to be firmly attached with no movement or wobble.

Overall with the addition of the screen the Veho Muvi is one of the easiest action cameras to use to date, really only rivalled by the Yi 4K action camera and possibly the GoPro Hero5.

In the final part of the test I’ll take a look at how the Veho Muvi K2 Pro 4K performs.


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