News |Vanguard launch Veo 2 Go ultra portable tripods

Vanguard launch Veo 2 Go ultra portable tripods

Vanguard Veo 2 Go

Vanguard has just announced its 2019 product range. There have been some big changes with the design direction from the company, especially when it comes to the new VEO 2 Go tripods.

As ever the full range of four models is available in either Aluminium or Carbon models, with the emphasis on the range being portability.
Vanguard Veo 2 Go

The smallest in the line-up the VEO2GO204 packs down to an incredible 32.5cm with a max extended height of 1.3m.

The flagship model is the VEO2GO265HCB which is the Carbon model and this packs down to 40.5cm with a very respectable extended height of 1.64m, ideal as a full height tripod for anyone around 5″ 10-inches.

The new range is packed with features including Arca Swiss compatible ball heads across the range. Vanguard has also made the decision to include square Arca compatible base plates for ease of use.

Aside from the smallest model in the range, the other three models all feature a pan lock on the ball head. The head itself is secured in place with a grub screw through to the centre column to avoid the head from unscrewing when in use, a nice feature not often seen on this size of tripod.

These heads also feature a reversible 1/4-inch to 3/8-inch thread.

All legs now feature twist locks and Vanguard have developed a click system to indicate when the lock is open and this can be dismantled ready for cleaning.

Vanguard Veo 2 Go

One of the big new features of the line is the new leg angle design, this sees new three angle options operated through an easy to use the mechanism on the leg hinge.

On all but the smallest model, a low angle adapter is also included which will enable you to quickly get those low angled shots.

On the larger models, a new feature is the monopod leg, this is highlighted by the H in the product name. This enables you to quickly remove the leg and head to create a handy monopod or mic boom.

The new Veo 2 Go tripod range is a huge step forward for Vanguard and as ever the design and finish really make these tripods stand out against the crowd.

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Vanguard launch Veo 2 Go ultra portable tripods
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Vanguard launch Veo 2 Go ultra portable tripods
Vanguard's 2019 product range has arrived, including the Vanguard Veo 2 Go. These compact tripods are an ideal companion for any traveller this year.
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