News |Vanguard debuts VEO 2 tripod range

Vanguard debuts VEO 2 tripod range

Vanguard debuts VEO 2 tripod range

Vanguard has launched the second generation of its VEO travel tripod, introducing the VEO 2 series.

Vanguard’s new VEO 2 tripod range consists of 12 models, which are made of either carbon fibre or aluminium depending on which you choose.

You also have the choice between 4- or 5-leg section and a ball head or pan head. The legs can extend to 20°, 45° and 80° angles, and all the VEO 2 tripods can support a maximum payload of 8kg.

Like the original VEO tripod, the VEO 2 range boast Vanguard’s centre column rotation mechanism and quarter-turn twist locks for fast assembly.

The smallest VEO 2 tripod measures 40.5cm when folded, and the longest reaches 44.5cm. Vanguard says all the VEO 2 tripods will fit in a standard backpack or carry-on.

The VEO 2 range will also come in black, red or blue.

Vanguard also announced a new range of bags called the VEO Discover series. The VEO Discover comes in backpack or messenger bag form and is meant to accompany the VEO 2 tripods.

In fact, Vanguard says each VEO Discover can fit a folded VEO 2 tripod as a carry-on.

For more information on the different models, visit Vanguard’s website.


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