News |Sony: we’re the new global No. 2 for interchangeable lens cameras

Sony: we’re the new global No. 2 for interchangeable lens cameras

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Sony now has the second largest share of the global interchangeable lens camera market, a company executive has stated.

In an interview published by Imaging Resource, Sony’s Senior General Manager of its Digital Imaging Group, Kenji Tanaka, said: “In terms of being a true leader in the market, we were shown market data indicating that Sony now is in fact solidly in the #2 spot for interchangeable-lens camera sales both globally and in several major markets, including the US — and not just for a single month, here or there.”

Tanaka goes on to reiterate that: “I’m comfortable saying that Sony is now the #2 company in the interchangeable-lens camera business, based on the overall dollar (or Yen?) value of their sales.”

If the data he has been shown is correct, this means that Sony has jumped ahead of Nikon, long the global No. 2 in the market and a chief rival to market leader Canon.

The interview was part of a panel session with Sony executives from the imaging division and members of the photographic press in the United States.

In the interview Tanaka also reaffirmed Sony’s commitment to developing its line APS-C cameras.

“We’ll never quit APS-C!” Tanaka said in response to questions from journalists that there is a perception that Sony is more focused on producing full-frame cameras.

Tanaka acknowledged that not everyone wants or needs a full-frame sensor and advised people to “look at our vision, not where our profits come from.”

Click here to read the full interview on Imaging Resource.

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