News |Smartphone ‘most life-changing tech of past 25 years’

Smartphone ‘most life-changing tech of past 25 years’

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The smartphone has been named the most life-changing piece of technology released within the last 25 years, according to a new survey.

According to a survey by telecommunications company TSI asking people what technology has made the biggest impact since the 1990s, 60% said the smartphone and its wider connectivity has been the biggest breakthrough.

Some 90% said they use the internet for more than four hours every day, which equates to roughly 61 days per year.

The most common piece of old technology people said they still keep is a corded mouse with a track ball, claimed by 25% of respondents.

Steve Kyprianou, managing director at TSI, said: “Despite 35mm cameras and phones with aerials now being referred to as vintage, I can still remember my very first brick-like phone, not to mention the pager, and how innovative it was when first released.

“We’re now on release eight of the iPhone, and the rise of the ‘connected culture’ means we value wider connectivity, super-fast WiFi and instant access to information at our fingertips.”

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