News |SkyPixel 9th annual photo & video contest winners unveileds

SkyPixel 9th annual photo & video contest winners unveiled

Record submissions showcase innovation in aerial photography

Skypixel 2023

The SkyPixel 9th Annual Photo & Video contest, co-organized with DJI, has just announced this years winner. The competition attracted over 130,000 submissions, doubling last year’s count, reflecting the growing interest and community around aerial imagery. The contest is open to professionals, enthusiasts, and novices alike.

The essence of this year’s competition was to celebrate the diverse and dynamic ways in which photographers and videographers capture life from unique perspectives. The SkyPixel platform has become a hub for creators to show off their work both at ground level and from the skies.

The judging panel for this year’s contest included videographers and photographers from across the globe, including Wen Huang, Anne Farrar, and Daniel Kordan for photography, as well as notable names like Michael Fitzmaurice and Brandon Li for videography. Their expertise brought a high level of scrutiny and appreciation to the selection process, culminating in the announcement of the contest’s winners.

The video category was dominated by Luke Bredar’s “Haines Alaska Through the Eyes of Luke Bredar,” a stunning portrayal of Alaska’s rugged beauty intertwined with the raw essence of adventure and solitude. Meanwhile, the photography section was led by Daolai’s “Mongolian Yurt,” a striking image that captures the essence of life on the Ulan Butung Grasslands, depicted with a profound sense of place and culture.

The contest winners receive monetary rewards, the opportunity to be signed as an official SkyPixel Creator, and prestigious trophies and certificates. These accolades are designed to encourage their creative journeys further and inspire the wider community.

Beyond the top prizes, the contest also recognized the Top 10 in video and photo categories, along with special nominations and people’s choice awards. This highlighted a wide array of talent and perspectives within the aerial photography and videography fields.

This year’s theme, “Exploring New Trends,” was a nod to the evolving landscape of aerial photography, where participants pushed the boundaries of creativity and technological innovation. From intimate human narratives to grandiose natural landscapes, the entries explored a broad spectrum of themes and styles, reflecting the ongoing evolution of aerial imagery as a powerful medium for storytelling.

As the SkyPixel 9th Annual Photo & Video Contest concludes, it celebrates the achievements of its participants and underscores the continuous journey of discovery and innovation in aerial imaging. With the support of DJI, SkyPixel remains at the forefront of fostering a global community where the art of photography and videography can flourish, capturing the world’s beauty and complexity from above.

To explore the award-winning works and learn more about the contest, visit the SkyPixel website.

For further details and insights into the world of aerial imaging innovation, DJI’s website offers a comprehensive view of the industry’s progress and the impactful role of drones and cameras in various sectors.


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