News |Skylum unveils Luminar AI

Skylum unveils Luminar AI

Skylum unveils Luminar AI

Skylum has announced Luminar AI, the latest iteration of its photo editing software, which employs artificial intelligence to perform complex editing tasks.

Luminar AI goes further than previous versions in integrating machine learning into the photo editing process. Features include Body AI and Face AI for refining portraits. Iris AI lets you fine tune subjects’ eyes, while Skin AI removes imperfections.

Landscape photographers have Sky Enhancer and Atmosphere AI tools to add details to skies. Or Sky AI will enable you to completely replace your sky.

Other tools such as Golden Hour and Sunrays allow you to enhance the sunlight in your scenes.

Structure AI lets you tease out details and textures, while Accent AI fine tunes your exposures and colour.

Luminar AI will be available as a stand-alone application and plug-in for macOS and Windows.

Visit Luminar’s website for more information.


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