Skydio teases new drone with sample footage

Skydio teases new drone with sample footage

Skydio has released sample footage of a new drone it’s calling ‘Skydio 2’, which has a release date slated for this autumn.

The drone maker teased the Skydio 2 in an email to its followers, which included a sample video showing off what the new Skydio drone can do.

From the video we can see that ‘Skydio 2’ will be able to track subjects and navigate difficult landscapes. In one sequence in particular we can see the Skydio 2 drone navigate through a forest, avoiding trees and spin 360 degrees.

The Skydio R1 is an autonomous drone, using the Skydio Autonomy Engine to map the landscape in real-time, so we can probably assume the Skydio 2 will employ this same technology.

The R1 also boasts 13 cameras capable of recording 4K video and is powered by Skydio’s NVIDIA Jetson AI supercomputer.

Other features include cinematic modes such as Follow, Orbit and Side, as well as the ability to make HD video clips from your 4K footage via the app, which you can then share instantly from your phone.