Reviews |Sirui VK-2K Pocket Stabilizer Kit – Plus review

Sirui VK-2K Pocket Stabilizer Kit – Plus review

Sirui VK-2K Pocket Stabilizer Kit - Plus review

Sirui’s VK-2K Pocket Stabilizer Kit – Plus includes the Sirui ES-01K Pocket Stabilizer, TSH-01KX mini tripod with ball head mount and integrated Bluetooth remote trigger.

The ES-01K is powered by a 1000mAh battery and provides single-axis stabilisation for your smartphone. It screws directly onto the TSH-01KX mini tripod’s metal ball head.

The Pocket Stabilizer offers a stability angle from 0 to 330 degrees, while the handle on the mini tripod unit extends 450mm/17.7 inches from the top to serve as a selfie stick.

Other features include a shooting button on the stabiliser, a fill light and an adjustment screw. The mini tripod also can be extended into a selfie stick.

Build Quality

Let’s discuss the kit’s components one by one, starting with the mini tripod. And, firstly, let me say I found the naming convention for this kit very confusing. The Kit kis called the VK-2K Pocket Stabilizer Kit – Plus, but the actual stabilizer unit is called the ES-01K. And the mini tripod is the TSH-01KX. So I’m not sure where the VK-2K moniker comes from, nor what it relates to, but it made it difficult finding more information about this product beyond the limited instruction manual. But I digress…

Like most mini tripods, the TSH-01KX’s legs fold in flush to transform it into a grip. The legs, however, are plastic and do feel kind of cheap when compared to the legs on other mini tripods such as the Manfrotto PIXI or 3 Legged Thing Iggy. That said, they stand firm and supported any weight of camera I put on it.

On top of the TSH-01KX is a metal ball head that is almost a complete contrast in quality from the legs. It locks tight via the twist lock and stays firm with no drifting. On top is a 1/4-inch screw thread to which you can attach the stabiliser or other cradles and accessories.

Nestled beneath the ball head is a rubber grip that houses a removable Bluetooth remote trigger for firing your shutter. This is powered by a simple battery that comes with the kit and works up to a range of XX.

And between this rubber grip and the ball head is a retractable tube that transforms the TSH-01KX into a selfie stick.

The ES-01K Pocket Stabilizer is also made of plastic, but though it weighs just 145g it still feels reassuringly solid in your hand.

On one side of the ES-01K Stabilizer is the on/off switch, and on the other side is a trio of indicator lights and a micro USB port for charging the unit (which takes about 90 minutes). On the back is a mirror for self shots, and on the front is an LED fill light.

Above the LED is the stabilizer grip. This can accommodate phones up to 5.1 inches wide, and the kit comes with an adjustment screw you can use on the side of one of the grips to fine-tune.

The sides of the grips are made of thick plastic that sit on a hinge that folds into the back of the grip when not in use. The back of the grip is padded with a soft rubber to protect your phone.


Picking up the TSH-01KX mini tripod for the first time, I had mixed emotions. The legs felt rather plasticky but the metal ball head was strong and rigid. I’ve used metal ball heads in other mini tripods which, while larger, fail to lock securely and drift in their position over prolonged use.

The Sirui TSH-01KX keeps its position reliably. Add the ES-01K unit on top and mount your smartphone, and it still holds its position.

What I like about this unit is how quick and easy it is to use. Unlike other stabilisers, the ES-01K doesn’t require an app and a connection between your phone and the unit to work. Its internal battery provides about four hours’ use on a single charge and means you can mount your phone and get to work without having to worry about your phone’s signal.

Mounting your phone is very simple. Make sure you do so when it’s powered off. Pull the grip and it will extend wide enough for you to fit your phone. It fits my Huawei P20 Pro quite easily, even within its shockproof case.

The single axis stabilisation works very well, I have to say. On a walk through a hilly woods I was able to record a short vlog of myself using the selfie stick with little of the bob effect. There is some, of course, as the unit only provides one-axis stabilization, but I was surprised at how well it performed given this limitation.

It’s small enough for me to throw in a bag and take out when the moment inspires. After that hilly walk above I’ve taken the VK-2K Pocket Stabilizer Kit on a family holiday to Disney World, and it has served well for quick vlogs walking through the park or going on rides – just before I get told off by park staff.


The Sirui VK-2K Pocket Stabilizer Kit isn’t a professional tool. You wouldn’t use this for paid work, but for something low-cost (it’s about £50-60 cheaper than the DJI Osmo Mobile 2) and light weight, it does give your family and personal videos a nice boost in quality that transforms them from something you may delete from your phone to content you’ll share with all your friends.

I’ll pick up a DJI Ronin-S, Benro Red Dog R1 or one of the more professional options on our list of the best gimbals for video if I’m doing something more serious, but for all my family holidays, day trips, walks, school functions, Cubs events and all those other day-to-day happenings where I don’t want to lug a hefty kit but would like to capture some quality footage on my phone, I’ll be bringing the Sirui VK-2K Pocket Stabilizer Kit.


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