Sigma, Leica, Panasonic announce ‘L-Mount Alliance’

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Sigma, Leica Camera and Panasonic have officially announced their strategic partnership, dubbed the L-Mount Alliance. The new collaboration will enable Panasonic and Sigma to use Leica’s L-Mount standard to create both new cameras and lenses.

In a statement to the press, Sigma says that the new L-Mount Alliance partnership will bring customers a ‘much wider selection of cameras and lenses without having to limit themselves to a particular brand, as all three brands will share the same proprietary bayonet mount.’

Leica’s L-Mount made its debut back in 2014 with the Leica T. The L-Mount boasts a diameter of 51.6mm in order to make it suitable for use with both full-frame and APS-C-sensor cameras, the company says.

This is coupled with a 20mm distance between the lens and sensor to aid compact constructions.

L-Mount bayonets are made from stainless steel and boast four flange segments to prevent canting, while integrated electronic components enable firmware updates.

The L-Mount is currently used in the Leica CL, Leica TL2, and Leica TL APS-C bodies and in the Leica SL full-frame system.