Rylo 360 camera gets 180 mode, Bluetooth capture in major update

Rylo 360 camera lets you re-frame footage after shooting it

Rylo, the 360 camera developed by former Apple engineers, has received a new 180-degree mode, Bluetooth remote capture and motion blur timelapse shooting in a major new firmware update.

The new features are available as of today for both Android and iOS users, except for the Bluetooth remote capture mode, which is currently only available for iOS.

Rylo’s new 180 mode shrinks the camera’s field of view and is designed for those instances, such as cycling, when you might mount the camera on your chest and the second lens will be blocked anyway.

In the new Bluetooth remote capture mode you can now control the Rylo via your smartphone and access the usual camera controls, such as starting and stopping video, taking a photo and switching between various modes.

The new motion blur timelapse mode adds a motion effect to your footage, which is synced to the speed of your timelapse. Rylo shared this example of how it will look:

Via DPReview