News |RØDECaster boosted with next firmware update

RØDECaster boosted with next firmware update

RodeCaster Firmware V2.1

RØDECaster is a fantastic piece of equipment. It enables you to create and record podcasts easily with no prior experience or technical knowledge. 

Last month RØDE announced the first major firmware update, and this enabled you to use USB as the primary power source. This meant that the RØDECaster became 100% portable allowing you to take your podcasting on location. 

Now RØDE has announced the next major firmware update, version 2.1, and this will unlock even more features including: 

  • Granular control over all processing parameters
  • Flexible recording and export options
  • Expanded multitrack capability
  • Update to interface and app.

Let’s take a look at these new features in a little more depth.

Granular control over processing parameters: 

While there was already plenty of control over the recording parameters on the RØDECaster, for more experienced audio engineers who are maybe looking for a little bit more, this latest firmware offers advanced options. 

These new parameters enable you to fine-tune the compressor, noise gate, de-esser, APHEX Aural Exciter, Big Bottom, and high-pass filter. 

Take note that these are advanced options and will not be for everybody, so if you want to switch them off and keep things simple, then you can. 

Master bus compressor: 

Adding to the individual channel compressors, there’s now a compressor on the master output giving you even more control.

Broadcast-style level metering

Precise dBFS markers have been added to the level meters on the home and record screens; these are similar to those used in broadcast and give you greater control over the recording levels.

Sound pad overdubbing

Expanding the use of the sound pads audio attributed to the pads can now be overdubbed, enabling you to layer sounds, record VOs over music and create custom ad rolls.

Post-fader multitrack recording: 

Multitrack recording takes a step forward with an option to record post-fad. This means that all processing, effects and level settings will be recorded in the output. 

Improved podcast export processing: 

Greater formatting options have been added for the export, meaning that there is greater compatibility across podcasting platforms. 

Updated Companion App: 

As with RØDECasters main user interface, the companion App also sees an update that enables you to adjust all processing parameters in real-time.

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