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Rode VideoMic Pro+ review

Rode VideoMic Pro+ review

Audio is an issue for many photographers. It’s easy enough to get a grasp of the motion visuals but when it comes to sound it’s all something new and often a complete mystery.

Essentially onboard camera mics are bad, so if you want decent audio you’re going to need an external mic.

The Rode VideoMic Pro+ is a great choice and photographer-friendly. It’s simple to use, yet still offers enough control to ensure that it will instantly elevate your audio to give your videos a professional quality.

As a uni-directional shotgun style mic, the Rode VideoMic Pro+ designed to pick up audio directly in front and the levels adjustment enables you to tailor the sensitivity based on the ambient noise and closeness of the presenter.

Setup is quick. Slip the Rode VideoMic Pro+ into your camera’s hot-shoe, plug it in and power it up. You can then fine tune its audio inputs with three sensitivity / level settings and three high pass options.

If you’re making the leap into videography, built-in high pass filters enable the fast removal of background audio, which further draws out the level of the principal audio and enriches the clarity.

The difference the Rode VideoMic Pro+ makes to your video’s sound is marked, especially when it comes to camera presentation. Audio is reproduced with far better clarity, less background noise and, overall, it’s just far more rich.

As more and more stills photographers are being asked to shoot video, the Rode VideoMic Pro+ presents a high-quality, no-fuss audio solution that allows one to work quickly.

If you record audio on-camera and don’t want the fuss of external audio recorders, then you really can’t go wrong with the Rode VideoMic Pro+.

But don’t just take my word for it. The best Rode VideoMic Pro+ review is being able to actually hear its audio capabilities. Below is a video review I recorded using the Rode VideoMic Pro+ on a day out at the beach.

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