News |RØDE announces a range of RØDECaster Pro accessories

RØDE announces a range of RØDECaster Pro accessories

RØDECaster Pro PRO accessoeries

Designed to make podcasting easy the RØDECaster Pro is a complete audio mixing solution. Featuring one-touch recording a bank of audio samples and four high-quality XLR inputs the RØDECaster Pro has become popular with enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Now RØDE has announced the release of four new accessories to further enhance the abilities of the console. 


This handy adapter enables you to power the RØDECaster Pro from any compatible USB output, finally making the console 100% portable. The requirements for the USB are that it is has a 2.4A minimum output.


One issue for many enthusiasts is understanding the assortment of cables and connectors required to connect in various non-XLR devices. Now the SC9 brings a high-quality 1.5m TRRS to TRRS cable for connection to most modern smartphones. 


Simply a series of four high-quality adaptors for converting headphones with 3.5mm plugs into RØDECaster Pro 1/4-inch headphone sockets. 


Engineers love a label and now you can own the official RØDECaster Pro XLR-ID’s. This set of eight colour-coded rings can be fixed to any XLR plug so that they can be easily identified.

For more details check out the RØDE website at


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