Ricoh GR III gets new features, enhancements with firmware update

Ricoh GR III Review

Ricoh has released firmware version 1.20 for the GR III, which adds a number of new shooting features and performance enhancements.

Chief among the new features in the Ricoh GR III firmware update are a Grain Effect and Horizon Correction. According to Ricoh, these are the full list of new features and enhancements:

Grain Effect

Grain Effect has been added to Monotone, Soft Monotone, Hard Monotone and Hi-Contrast B&W mode as adjustment items under Image control of the 6 Image Process Setting menu in the Still Image Setting.

Horizon Correction

Horizon Correction has been added to the 7 [Shooting Assist] menu in the [Still Image Setting].

Improved Contents:

From the power off state, the start-up time when starting by pressing and holding the Playback button has been shortened.
Improved the response of the release when shooting subjects with different brightness continuously.
In [Auto-area AF], improved the phenomenon that the focus on behind in rare cases.
Improved stability for general performance.

Via Pentax Rumors