News |Ricoh denies rumours it will lose rights to Pentax trademarks

Ricoh denies rumours it will lose rights to Pentax trademark

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Ricoh has denied rumours reported last week that it may lose the trademark rights to the Pentax brand name in 2020.

Speaking to DPReview, a Ricoh spokesperson confirmed that the rumour ‘is not a fact.’ The spokesperson said:

Hoya is the owner of the PENTAX trademark, but there are no restrictions or limitations attached for RICOH to use the PENTAX brand in the camera business.

We will continue to offer the PENTAX brand products including new items.

The rumour first surfaced on a Pentax user forum where a longtime, trusted member who has proffered inside information in the past suggested that Ricoh’s rights to the Pentax name will expire next year.

The rumour gained traction largely because Pentax hasn’t released anything new in some time. However, the statement given to DPReview suggests we can expect a new Pentax product in the future.


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