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Vallerret Milford Photography Gloves Review

Vallerret Milford Photography Gloves review

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€69.95 / $74.76

Our Verdict

The Vallerret Milford Photography Gloves strike an excellent balance between warmth and practicality, making them a great choice for photographers in milder winter conditions. Their thoughtful design, featuring Flip-Tech finger caps and a water-repellent shell, ensures ease of camera operation without sacrificing comfort. While they might not be the warmest in extreme cold, their flexibility and cosy feel make them an ideal choice for photographers seeking a reliable, comfortable glove for outdoor shoots.


  • Index finger, middle finger and thumb tips flip-off
  • Soft, comfortable and cosy
  • Suitable for everyday winter use


  • Expensive (although on of Vallerret's more affordable options)
  • Only available online so you have to rely on the measurements rather than try them on in a shop
  • The shell adds bulk to the back of the fleece glove

What are the Vallerret Milford Photography Gloves?

The Vallerret Milford Photography Gloves are part of Vallerret’s extensive range designed specifically for photographers and videographers. They are positioned just above the Power Stretch Pro Liner gloves as a choice for mild winter conditions. The Milford gloves offer comfort and functionality and are made from Polartec Windbloc Fleece which means they are warm, soft and cosy.


  • Product type: Glove
  • Designed for: Mild-winter
  • Available sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Materials: Polartec Windbloc Fleece and 10K water-repellent rip-stop with DWR coating
Vallerret Milford Photography Gloves


One of the distinguishing features of the Vallerret Milford gloves is their Flip-Tech finger caps on the thumb, index, and middle finger. This allows you to get your fingers directly onto your camera controls. In addition, they have touchscreen-compatible tips on the index finger and thumb, which is useful for making the odd menu selection or using a phone.

Another key feature is the water-repellent shell which, when not in use, is housed in a small pocket on the back of each fleece glove. Theses shells fit over the fleece gloves to give extra protection from the elements and they don’t feature Flip-Tech finger caps.

There’s also a distinctive non-slip pattern across the palms of each fleece glove to enhance grip.

The Vallerret Milford Photography Gloves are available in five sizes, from XS to XL and there’s a size chart on the company’s website to hep you select the right option for your hands. This chart takes both hand circumference and length into account.

Vallerret Milford Photography Gloves

Build and Handling

While fleece is not usually associated with smart or stylish garments, the Vallerret Milford Photography Gloves look good in two-tone black and grey.

Convenintly, there’s an elastic loop for securing the flip-back tips on the two fingers and thumb, which keeps them out of the way when your using your camera for extended periods. If you only taking a quick shot, there’s no need to use the loops as the tips usually stay out of the way pretty well.

While the stashed shell gloves in the back pockets the adds a bit of bulk, its a very convenient place to store the shells. It means that you’ll never be without the shells when you need them. Handily, the gloves can also snapped together by a small clasp for storage.

Vallerret Milford Photography Gloves


I found the Milford Vallerret gloves perfect in mild winter conditions, offering protection against chilly winds with temperatures down to -1° or -2°C. I recently spent a day at the coast, for instance and my hands were comfortable throughout, despite the chilly conditions.

The 10K water-repellent ripstop shells are also useful for additional protection, specifically against rain. And while the shells lack flip-back tips, they still allow for reasonable control over a camera.

It’s handy to be able to tap on a touchscreen to adjust the odd camera setting or take control of a phone while you’re wearing the Milford gloves with the finger caps over your fingers, it’s hard to be precise with the touch point on the screen.

My only bugbear with the gloves is that because of the stashed shells, the sleeves of my jacket sometimes push them down my hands a bit. I find the best way to avoid this is to tuck the glove cuffs into my jumper with the coat sleeves over the top.

Vallerret Milford Photography Gloves


The Vallerret Milford Photography Gloves are a solid choice for photographers seeking comfort and functionality in mildly cold conditions. Their design caters for the practical needs of photographers, makes them an excellent accessory for outdoor photography sessions. While they may not be as rugged as some of Vallerret’s other offerings, their comfort and ease of use will make them a preferred option for many photographers. They are certainly my choice of glove for everyday winter use.

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