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Action Camera Finders’ Martin Toole takes a look at the decision-making process when it comes to selecting your next action camera.

What are you using your camera for at the moment and what things do you have in mind for future videos and imagery?

I needed slow motion at 1080p, waterproof and a screen; you may require something totally different. You may not even know what you require. You may just be interested in getting a new action camera.

What will your main use be and then what other things can you imagine using the camera for? Ask yourself this question before you start to look and spend hours researching your new cam.

Here are a few camera features that you should keep an eye on or know about to help you make that decision; voice control, quick record, touch screen, video modes like looping for dashcam opportunities or commuting on your bike and or motorbike. There are some features that enable you to use it for a multitude of adventures and scenarios, so why not go for something newer and with more features.

Another couple of new features we are seeing are altimeters, barometers, temperature readings, GPS display and some are now syncing up with other small outdoor activity devices with ANT+ and bluetooth.

An example of a new feature coming in to cameras now is voice control, if you are more in to land based recordings, maybe the new features being added could be just what you need for your next camera upgrade.

There are numerous reasons this could be really helpful, one being, if you were cycling, had a camera just out of arms reach, you could easily have it set up so that the camera can record when and where you want it, with just four words “OK Garmin, Start Recording.”

Those four words will activate your camera and start it recording in the desired video resolution and framerate you previously set before attaching the camera to your bike or helmet. This phrase will work for a new Garmin Virb Ultra 30, but other camera manufacturers will require different phrases to be said for that feature to work..

What else would you like that you might not have at the moment in your current camera and how would you find that camera?

Here on camerajabber.com we have quite a few action camera reviews and we hope it’s a great resource to help you work out whats new out in the action camera industry and also showcase what each camera is capable of.

But where else and how else can you find the latest action cameras?

We recently found this action camera site, which currently has over 50 action cameras for you to filter, search and save. It’s well featured and if you are after specific things for your camera, is definitely a head in the right direction as far as web tools and resourceful sites go.

It has a similar yet entirely different approach to snapsort and cameradecision, you can search for cameras but its power comes in the way of being able to filter for specific requirements, what video resolution and pairing frame rate you need, is it drop proof, even what chipset and sensors are used can be filtered and the sorting options are just as powerful.

With sorting by price, release date, field of view, weight and other options, we tried it with a few queries and were pleasantly surprised with it’s output and the cameras it said covered these features.

Combining something like the Action Camera Finder site and a powerful news resource will definitely help you find the camera you need, but what else?

Well, as with cameras that record video, you can surprisingly, watch example and sample videos on youtube and vimeo.

One of the most powerful ways to decide whether a camera is for you and will provide what you need, is by watching video reviews and sample video comparisons to cameras you already know or have online. Get on to Youtube and searching for a camera model will undoubtedly help with your research.

If you have any suggestions on sites, tools or ways to research a new camera, we’d love to hear.

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What Do You Require In An Action Camera
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What Do You Require In An Action Camera
Deciding which action camera you should go for can be tricky, especially with such a huge range of options. In this feature Martin Toole takes a look at some of his decision making process
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