News |Profoto: light is more important than your camera

Profoto: light is more important than your camera

We speak to Profoto's CEO at the lighting manufacturer's Stockholm HQ


During a recent visit to Profoto’s headquarters in Stockholm, I got to speak exclusively to Anders Hedebark, the company’s CEO.

He explained the meaning behind the company’s tagline, Profoto – the light shaping company, what the company will look like in 5 years time and how photography is changing.

Professional photographers who are concerned about the direction that Profoto is going to take, particularly since the announcement of the smartphone-friendly C1 and C1 Plus, will be pleased to learn that it still intends to produce products for professional use.

In addition, he said that although the company’s B10 and B10 Plus lights have continuous lighting capability that’s useful for video, Profoto will remain primarily concerned with producing products for photographers.

When asked about the perceived high price of Profoto’s products, Hedebark said ‘light is more important than your camera.

The video below has the interview in full.


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