Profoto Connect now compatible with Android devices, Panasonic cameras

The Profoto Connect is now compatible with Android smartphones running on Android OS 7 or later.

Profoto Connect announced

Profoto has expanded the compatibility of its Profoto Connect remote to support Panasonic cameras and Android devices.

Launched earlier this year, the Profoto Connect is a small wireless flash trigger that mounts in your camera’s hotshoe to fire Profoto flashguns and studio lights.

It has just 3 settings, auto, manual and off. In auto mode, it will fire the flash in TTL-mode so the camera handles the exposure. However, there’s also manual mode if you want more control.

The Profoto Connect offers Bluetooth connectivity and can now link to your Android device or Panasonic camera to give control via the free Profoto app.

Profoto says that, currently, Android smartphones can only control the light settings with the remote control function, and cannot be used to capture images directly in phone.

The app, Profoto Camera, employs a simple slider that lets you adjust the flash output.

Click here for more information about the Connect’s Android connectivity (and tutorials), or click here for more information about its Panasonic compatibility.

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