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PolarPro announces QuickDraw collection

PolarPro QuickDraw

Today PolarPro has revealed an all-new mounting system designed for photographers who like to get out on the trail and experience adventure.

The single-handed camera mounting system offers a mechanism that will hold your camera securely while you’re on the move. Then when you’re ready it has the ability to be released quickly with one just hand ready for you to capture the shot. 

The new collection consists of a series of products that enable you to mount your camera to backpack straps, tripods, standard camera straps as well a dedicated QuickDraw system solution.

At the heart of the system is the Mount, this features a camera base plate that bolts into your camera and can then be used to clip into the other products in the system.

The first product is the TRAVERSE, this features two securing bolts that enable it to be attached to almost any strap you want. Once clamped in place, onto a backpack strap or belt, the camera easily clicks in and is available for whenever needed.

The full metal construction means that it’s tough and will hold your camera securely without fuss or worry. 

The item is the BELAY, this new strap system offers plenty of flexibility and enables you to have your camera by your side all day. 

Designed to take up to 50Ibs of weight there are few if any camera lens combos that it won’t be able to support and carry with ease. 

You also have a choice of two strap widths, either 0.75-inch of 1.5-inch so that you can be assured of maximum comfort.

Again as with the Traverse, the Belay offers the same quick-release system and is of course cross-compatible. 

The final product in the lineup is the APEX, a minimalist tripod that you can take anywhere. 

Featuring multiple leg angles this tripod has been designed to find decent purchase on any surface. 

Available in two configurations either with the integrated ball head or equipped as a base only giving you the option to attach your own head. 

The PolarPro head is unique with a 90º flip that enables you to easily switch from landscape to portrait. 

All products are available now and for more information check out


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