News |PNY releases range of GoPro Hero6 Black accessories

PNY releases range of GoPro Hero6 Black accessories

PNY releases range of GoPro Hero6 Black accessories

The GoPro Hero6 Black is now here and with it has come some of the best high definition and 4K footage that we’ve seen from any action camera.

However with big footage comes huge file sizes, and as well as a decent camera and processor the GoPro Hero6 Black and other next-generation action cameras like the Yi 4K+ and Garmin Virb Ultra 30 require storage and accessories that can keep up.

PNY Elite MicroSD Cards SD

4K video at 60fps comes at a price and although the powerful new GP1 process can handle the data it’s just as important to have a card that can cope.

PNY’s Elite MicroSD card has been designed to handle video and image data quickly with read speeds of up to 100MB/s and the all important write speeds of up to 90MB/s.

The Elite MicroSD cards are on sale now for £56.49 / 66.99€

RRP £56.49 / 66.99€ | Available on Amazon

GoPro Hero6 Black review

PowerPack Outdoor Charger

The GoPro has broken new ground when it comes to image quality and features, but whilst the specifications continue to increase there’s still the issue of power.

A spare battery is always a good idea so your not left short, but along with the camera you also have the accessories such as lights and of course your smart phones power to think about.

An external power source is an essential with so many demands on your portable electrical devices. The PNY PowerPack is the ideal solution.

Enabling you to charge your GoPro Hero 6 Black or phone. But this isn’t any normal power pack. It has been rated IP65 which means that it is dust, water and shock proof, all protect within it’s rubber casing.

The charger contains a large 7800mAh capacity and has both a 2A and 2.1A output.

The package also comes with a carabiner and Micro USB-A and Mini-USB cable.

The PowerPack Outdoor Charger is on sale now for £35.99 | €39.99

USB A to USB C 2.0 Black Cable

It may be a small thing and if like me you have a box full of cables you’ll probably be thinking why do I need yet another.

This is a replacement USB A to USB-C cable, so if you loose the one in the GoPro box then you know there’s a quality replacement available.

The USB A to USB C 2.0 Black Cable is on sale now at £13,99 / 14,99€

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The Action Grip

Off to escape the winter chill then you’ll be needing The Action Grip to capture your tropical adventures.

Featuring an ergonomic non slip grip and handy strap this handle is perfectly suited to those of you who like to go diving.

Not only does it provide you with an easy way to hold and handle the GoPro Hero 6 Black but if the inevitable happens and you loose hold of the camera the Grip itself is naturally buoyant.

The Action Grip is on sale now priced at £26.99 | 29.99€

For more details on all the new PNY GoPro Hero 6 Black accessories please check out the PNY website. 


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