News |Pilot Era 8K 360 Camera Announced

Pilot Era 8K 360 Camera Announced

Pilot Era 8K 360 Camera Announced

The 8K revolution has been gathering pace and now PiSofttech, a 3D imaging software company, is launching their first 360 camera, the Pilot Era.

We hope to take a look at an early sample of this new 8K 360 camera soon, but until then a run through of the specifications highlights some class leading features.

The Pilot Era is an all new all-in-one device and features four camera’s who’s content is stitched together to create the true 8K experience. Each of the four cameras will be fronted by an f/2.2 aperture lens.

This full 8K video has a resolution of 7680×3840 and likewise for stills offers a resolution of 8192×4096.

Although 8K is the new buzz word the difficulty with the new format is processing power. There are few home computers that can actually deal with this resolution video effectively.

Alongside the 8K abilities, it can also shoot 4K at 24fps. What’s impressive here is that it will be possible to live stream the footage.

Another nice feature is that there’s a touch screen built into the device so navigation using the graphical UI should be easy. The underlying operating system is based on Android so there should be wide compatibility with the majority of new smartphones.

To keep up with the demands of the footage captured by the four Sony CMOS image sensors the Pilot Era will have 512GB of internal UFS memory.

Image stabilisation is this year’s big feature and this camera has 9-axis gyroscope stabilisation, I’ll bring you an update as to what this means in real terms as soon as I find out.

Maximizing connectivity options the camera will have built-in 4G Wi-Fi, there’s also a selection of shooting modes and options including; HDR, ISO, EV, WB and stitch focus.

Powering the Pilot Era is a 7200mAh battery which will enable you to use the camera for up to 3.5 hours.

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Pilot Era 8K 360 Camera Announced
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Pilot Era 8K 360 Camera Announced
Pilot Era 8K 360 Camera is announced with true 8K video capture. What makes this camera stand out is the 3.1-inch touch screen and Android operating system.
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