News |Pholio launch the answer to image management and storage

Pholio launch the answer to image management and storage

Pholio image management and storage

Image management can be a massive hassle, keeping track of your images, storage size and of course locating all of those images you’ve shot over the years.

Pholio has come up with a unique solution that tackles the whole storage and management process for you. The companies solution is a mix of hardware and software, and this combination works together to analyse your images content and get them tagged and organised.

What really makes the Pholio unique is that it can work with images taken from a variety of sources, which it will then automatically categories and tag on and off line.

The idea for such a device came from research carried out by the company. This showed that only 22% of people asked in an online survey knew how many images they had stored and 56% struggled to find images that they had shot in the past.

Although most of us have taken the leap from paper albums to digital, few of us have really got the hang of image management. This is where Pholio aims to step in, it is the digital photo assistant that will quickly sort and organise all of your images for you.

Pholio image management and storage

The Pholio hardware is a sleek box that you can hide away on a book case, it then connects in to your home network. Once installed you can use the app for mobile / tablet  or computer to connect in your existing image libraries; be  that from hard drive, google photos or Apple photo, and then Pholio will consolidate and analyse all of those images, bringing everything together in an easy to search and locate environment.

Pholio has been developed alongside academics from Oxford University to work on behind the scenes technology and code that will recognise 20,000 search terms such as Birthday, License plate and house renovation.

The pre-programmed search terms are just the start, and custom names places and objects can be added to the software by owners as time goes on.

Pholio is aiming to start the shipment of the first units by Christmas, and these will retail for around £299 for the base model. There will be two models, the 500GB Pholio and the PholioPro at 2TB.

If you’re interested in finding out more and want to support the campaign then please visit their Kickstarter page




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